Atlantic Music Expo is a music professionals meeting for Cabo Verde, Africa, and both sides of the Atlantic.

A platform for transatlantic cultural exchanges - Cabo Verdean history is closely linked to the transatlantic slave trade. It is committed to being a crossroads for positive exchanges and a central point for spreading the vision of creolisation – heart of the Cabo Verdean identity – and to keeping peace in the region.
Cabo Verde and Music - Obviously, the archipelago and its music are intrinsically tied. Its artists and diversity of styles give Cabo Verde this strong and unique musical identity.

Atlantic Music Expo - The AME will take place in the center of the capital Praia: its conferences, networking meetings, professional market and showcases will offer a perfect setting for international music professionals, artists from Cabo Verde and abroad to network, expand their contacts and activities, and discover the country. Atlantic Music Expo is scheduled right before Kriol Jazz Festival to give the delegates the possibility to enjoy a broader offer of musical discoveries.

Cabo Verde belongs to every continent

Mario Lucio Minister of Culture - Cabo Verde

You know you're in Cabo Verde when everything turns into song

Washington Post

After the success of the first editions, AME will host a fourth edition in Praia from April 11th to 14th 2016.

November 27, 2015Deadline for showcase & conference application
January 30, 2016Deadline for capeverdean showcase application
April 9, 2016First concert of Kriol Jazz Festival
April 11, 2016Launch of the 4th edition
April 12-14, 2016Atlantic Music Expo
April 14, 15 & 16, 2016Kriol Jazz Festival

Ten islands caught in-between three continents; a mother tongue embracing words from all languages; a dry archipelago – nor Cape, nor Verde.

A nation where traditional music springs out the sounds of violin, piano, ten string guitar, but also from the rhythms of drums beats and of one string cimboa.

A wide variety of music styles such as funana, batuco, morna and coladera, or else mazurka, contredanse, waltz and samba.

Full of sodade and teinted by the endless dialogues with the sky and the sea, the insular literature is stamped with the lack of rain and the tropical fantasy. Its painting is a narrative rainbow.

And gastronomy reflects the richness of flavors and tastes that follow the path of men to gather in Cabo Verde – salt, sugarcane, pepper, corn, rice, fish, coffee, wine, cheese, liquor, rum – a true compilation of in terms of languages refinement. 

Such is Cabo Verde, the country that originated the world's creolisation - A territory that can be called coastal considering its ratio of 700000 km² of waters and for only 4033 km² of land.

A globalized and scattered nation, the diaspora spread around the world representing two third of the total million and a half Cabo Verdeans.

A population animated by Morabeza in which are expressed a sense of welcoming and sharing, the smiling word, the love of difference, the joy of living eternity joyfully day after day like weddings in the Genesis or the Apocalypse. It is the soul of Cabo Verde and the reason why we have created this event located at sea in the Atlantic area. 

Cabo Verde was the first transatlantic turntable of slavery trade. The Ministry of Culture is now willing to make it a positive exchange point based upon music and culture. American music is largely rooted to Africa: Blues, Jazz Caribbean and Latin American music were born from these mix. Welcome. 
Thank you.

Mario Lucio Sousa

Minister of Culture of Cabo Verde


This section will be updated Just like the first edition, the Atlantic Music Expo will offer again a selection of showcases, conferences and workshop along with 3 days of open air trade fair.

The showcase and conference participants will be selected from the applications AME will receive (see deadlines and details) after being reviewed by our international jury.


By opening the submission process earlier, it is our aim to give even more attention to each applicant and also notify professionals and artists sooner of their status.

The conferences and workshops will raise relevant themes and subjects to help you improve your insight of business and the trade fair will allow companies and individuals to display their products to a wide range of people.

Some AME activities are only accessible to professionals who will have to register to attend. The stands also need to be booked and registered.