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Only paid submissions will be considered. Be sure to pay prior to March 31, 2017.

Rules and regulations

1. Prepayments by internet bank transfer and credit cards.
2. Payments on time in cash or VISA and MASTERCARD.
3. The receipt of payment confirmation should be taken with the participant during the event.
4. The Atlantic Music Expo is not responsible for any withdrawal for reasons of change in the format, dates and venues of the event.
5. Any request for cancellation of registration must be made in writing until the March 31, 2017 and refund will be discounted 20% for expenditure on administrative fees. After this date no refund will be possible.
6. Entries will be accepted until the limit of the capacity of the event.
7. Participants may only participate in any activity of AME, according to the capacity of each location where the event happens.

I agree with the terms of business registration of the Atlantic Music Expo Cabo Verde.

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